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Recommended for Ages 3+.  Runtime: 56 min. For a full program description CLICK HERE.


Recommended for Ages 8+.  Runtime: 72 min. For a full program description CLICK HERE.



Not Rated. Directed by Mark Bozek. 75 min.



Not Rated (some strong language). Directed by Ken Loach. 102 minutes.



Rated PG-13 (for strong language). Directed by Barak GoodmanChris Durrance. 101 minutes.

SLAY THE DRAGON (Documentary)


Not Rated. Directed by Alex Thompson. 98 minutes.

Saint Frances (Indie/Comedy)

"Anchored by delicately moving performances from O’Sullivan and the amazing Williams, Saint Frances is a quietly riveting film that slowly but surely draws you in. " - Los Angeles Times
After an accidental pregnancy turned abortion, a deadbeat nanny finds an unlikely friendship with the six-year old she's charged with protecting.  "Saint Frances approaches an array of weighty issues with empathy, humor, and grace -- and marks star and writer Kelly O'Sullivan as a tremendous talent to watch." - Rotten Tomatoes Consensus
"Saint Frances goes down easy. It’s refreshingly small and intimate, and is specific on the lives of very particular women without overreaching to look more politically salient or strike zeitgeist concerns" - The A.V. Club

Not Rated. Directed by Alex Thompson. 98 minutes.

ONCE WERE BROTHERS: Robbie Robertson and The Band (Documentary)

TRIUMPHANT. Robertson deeply dissects The Band's magic and dysfunction.” - David Fear, Rolling Stone

DEMANDS TO BE SEEN. The story of the rise and disintegration of the Band turns out to be as compelling as its spectacular music. Just watching and listening to the group tearing through their classic 'Up on Cripple Creek' near the documentary’s opening, alive with the pleasure of making great music with one another, is enough to joyously lift you out of your seat.” - Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

“A gripping saga of triumph and tribulation. Captures the story with vigorous urgency and passion that fits the music itself.” - Alex Biese, USA Today


Not Rated. Directed by Corneliu Porumboiu, in Romanian with English Subtitles. 97 minutes.

The Whistlers (Dark Comedy/Thriller)

“If the Coen Brothers were Romanian..."  - The New York Times

In THE WHISTLERS, not everything is as it seems for Cristi, a police inspector in Bucharest who plays both sides of the law. Embarking with the beautiful Gilda on a high-stakes heist, both will have to navigate the twists and turns of corruption, treachery and deception. A trip to the Canary Islands to learn a secret whistling language might just be what they need to pull it off.

“A funhouse of cinematic mirrors. ‘The Whistlers’ makes reading subtitles not just vital, but fun.” - Los Angeles Times


Not Rated. Directed by Michael Herbig, in German with English Subtitles.           125 minutes.

BALLOON (Based on True Events)

A thriller-like true story of one of the most spectacular escapes of the 20th Century. With a theatrical release to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Germany’s reunification, BALLOON is based on the true events of one of the most daring escapes of the Cold War in which two families living in Communist East Germany sailed over the heavily fortified border in a homemade hot-air balloon.

In the summer of 1979, the Strelzyk and Wetzel families—who had been working on their audacious plan for more than two years—try to flee East Germany in a self-made hot-air balloon. But after the balloon crash-lands just before the West German border, the Stasi find traces of the attempted escape and immediately launch an investigation. In a nerve-wracking race against the clock, the two families attempt to build a new escape balloon as the Stasi get closer and closer each day…


Not Rated (contains some graphic violence). Directed by Diao Yinan, in Chinese with English Subtitles. 117 minutes.


Toppling box office records in Diao’s native China, THE WILD GOOSE LAKE “cements his status as a master filmmaker with another ingenious crime epic” (Little White Lies). When small-time mob leader Zhou Zenong (Chinese superstar Hu Ge) accidentally kills a cop, a dead-or-alive bounty is placed on his head, forcing him on the lam from both the police as well as dangerous gangsters out for the reward. Hiding out in China’s densely populated (and deeply divided) Wuhan province, Zhou becomes entangled with a beautiful, enigmatic woman, who has mysterious intentions of her own. Featuring gorgeous, neon-drenched cinematography and bursts of shocking, expertly choreographed action, THE WILD GOOSE LAKE is “spellbinding” (Rolling Stone), “brilliant" (Indiewire) and “downright Hitchcockian” (AV Club).